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Do you want to download videos from Flickr to your computer? Have you been looking for a way to save Flickr videos? If so, then Easysave is the perfect downloader for you!

This downloader allows users to download video clips and full-length movies from Flickr. It’s free and easy to use. There are many different types of clip formats available, including .avi, .mp4, and more. We believe downloading a Flickr video clip or film has never been easier.

How to download Flickr Videos on PC

  • Simply copy the URL of your desired Flickr video.
  • Paste it in the EasySave input box and click “Download”.
  • Our program will extract high-quality and standard quality video links for saving on whatever quality you want (HD or SD).

How to download Flickr video for iPhone Ipad and ios

  • Simply copy the URL of your desired Flickr video.
  • If you haven’t already, download the “Documents by Readle” app from iTunes and install it on your phone(only for IOS 12 and below).
  • Then paste in EasySave’s input box and click Download.
  • Select your preferred video quality, and your download will start.

More information about Flickr and Flickr Video Downloader

Flickr is a photo and video sharing site that was founded in 2004 and has since grown to what it is today. It was originally designed for the use of professional photographers, but quickly became popular with amateur photographers and videographers as well. On Flickr, you can upload any number of photos or videos from your computer or mobile device, organize them into groups called “sets,” and share them with the world! Started as a small startup, now one of the largest photo-sharing sites on the internet with over 100 million registered users. It is now owned by Yahoo!

A lot had changed since Flickr first launched in 2005-2006 when it took us all by storm. Flickr has become more than just an online photo-sharing service with its new video feature that was announced at this year’s SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, USA making it easier for people all over the world to create short length content pieces, whether they are just casual moments shot by someone not having any previous experience or professionally made movies shot using professional equipment. It really doesn’t matter if someone does not have much knowledge either because anyone will be able to unleash their creativity through it.

Flickr is an excellent platform where you can upload, view, and share videos. This is the most popular photo-sharing site offering 1 TB for free and is also one of the most known videos sharing websites globally. However, there’s no way of downloading them on the site itself. doesn’t allow downloading hosted video clips, but it’s possible to do so with easysave Video Downloader.

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